Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've often heard people comment about the similiarities of SL to middle school and high school. While its been ages since I was in those environments as a young person, I am afforded the opportunity as a close observer being a teacher of that age group. Recent occurances have made the aforementioned cliche ring true once again.

One thing I've noticed in my job is the amount of trash talked from JV players with respect to their varsity counterparts. They plot, they scheme, they prevaricate but after all of these nefarious activities, they are still on the JV squad. Ain't it funny?

Doesn't matter if it was in the 80's, 90's or the 2000's, it is what it is. I imagine if I had a time machine and fast forwarded to 2050, we would see the same thing unfolding.

On a far more positive note, great things have been occuring. Lots of new faces and talents have been showing up at Bistro. People have grown and are now ready to accept roles different for them than what has been in the past. It's really cool to see that occur. New DJ's, New Trivia types, New live performers. It's been great. Of course, those of quality have endured and always will.

Hope you can swing by Bistro and check some of these things out. The alt traffic in itself has been amazing!!