Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A sad closing

About a week ago there was some very sad news. A school, a building was closing its doors. It was actually far more than four walls and an occasionally leaky roof. It's name was Sinagua High School in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.

It's importance is manifested in so many memories and crucial events in my life in the past twenty years. I met my wife there. Make a long story short, after all this is a blog not a novella, I met Kim there who for all intents and purposes was beholden to another. I called bullshit on that. I do that when I sense inequity. A tragic personal flaw perhaps.

Our courtship was unlike any other in my life. She was so inherently calm and peaceful. She radiated goodness. She was different! I fell and fell hard. Best thing I ever did in this life.

Our 4 children were born while I taught there. Our first two grew up inside of those walls. Play-yards were set up in classrooms and the boys got used to pretty girls fussing over them. Maybe that wasn't a wise move, but whatever. It was a place of incredible fulfillment on a lot of levels.

Was it perfect? Hell no, what is? But there is something otherworldly about being a young family. It's all so new, all so meaningful.

To me, Flagstaff will be eternal. It will always be a place where I was younger. A place where I actually took the time to watch my sons and daughter sleep and had the foresight to say to myself, "Remember this, it will pass but it's importance will never be diminished." I continue to keep those images fresh in my mind. It's a commitment I've made to myself and my family.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the image of a new mother holding her new born son and both sleeping so soundly. I can still in my minds eye see his little measured breaths and Kim's sweet face so in the Mom zone. Good stuff to be sure.

Very strong place in terms of professional satisfaction also. I got to train 5 student teachers to be teachers and the last I heard all we're still engaged in the profession. I'm pleased with that considering how many bail after the unsavory reality of the profession can rear it's ugly head. Kim and I garnered much well earned praise for her innovative ideas regarding inclusionary practices in secondary education. The Fed's even gave us some love for that. Atta girl!

So for many reasons through many seasons I will miss you Sinagua. You always gave me far more than I gave back. Once a Mustang, always a Mustang.

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