Saturday, November 14, 2009

A step back in time....

Yesterday at the Wordpress WordCamp in Phoenix was interesting. Not so much the content which was frankly over my head for the most part. It was a glimpse or a vignette into the gaping maw of what is the human condition. In myself and outside of myself.

I was really disgusted at what cruel spirited comments can be posited forth when they can be semi-anonymous. This guy, I thought he was pretty cool and effective, was giving his talk and people were tweeting some of the rudest bullshit about his presentation.

Really brought home the fact that courage and risk taking are rare commodities these days. Not extinct but rare. These people in the crowd snipped and just made the most lameass comments. Most were little college kissasses who would never have the guts to say something face to face. That might be scary!

One of the more unsavory elements of technology is a decline in face to face social skills. Lots of people are so disconnected. They can't read someones facial expressions or body language because they have that disconnected elements via facebook, twitter or what have you. They live with a self-imposed buffer between them and others.

Back to the aforementioned speaker. Kim was so upset by the behavior of the audience towards this presenter that we spoke to him about a possible grant collaboration. The brief conversation illuminated us to the fact that he has worked with at-risk youth, has had a gun held to his head. Real shit in the real world. Not hiding behind this device or that. Fucking pussies.

I doubt these negative nabobs could speak before 5 people, let alone 500. Oh, by the way, the dudes name is Jayson Cote. He is not a coward and the audience was full of them. Google him for some interesting stuff.

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Anonymous said...

the hecklers were wusses... they sucked. not sure what can ever prevent that though... no matter what the presenter or audience there is always at least 1 in a crowd. you are right though... the ability to be anonymous makes them all the more easily able to be cruel.

hopefully the speaker was up there picturing them all in their underwear... some of them...eeeeewww!