Sunday, November 15, 2009

Warning Signs

When having an alt isn't working

First off, I want to preface this blog by asking those of you that use alts in SL to please don't stop. You have no idea how much you can energize a place by your mere presence. People will ponder who you are and many times the subterfuge is so pathetically lame, it's magical.

People come and people go in the metauniverse. Some by choice, disinterest or by their sheer nastiness when they are socially removed by a group. I'll focus on the latter for the remaining portion of this blog.

The sure giveaway about many alts is that they travel in pairs. A nasty, manipulative person will always find one dupe-accomplice to roam with. This is a dead giveaway. Often they will also incorporate some segment of their name into their alts identity. Vanity is a bitch isn't it?

Alts can provoke such reactions in people. Most are curious if not bemused. Some want to leap into the mystery with both feet and tenaciously hang on until an identity can be ascertained. I imagine I can float to all viewpoints.

My favorite person to be with when alts are afoot is Blissie Boucher. They irk her. Alts I mean. Other stuff irks her to, but for this we will go with alts. I will never talk to her on voice. see RL pictures of her and that is ok. But if were to tell her that I think our neighborhood is being invaded by alts she would fly out of NY non-stop to Phoenix, cab from the airport and start kicking some alt ass upon her arrival. She's like that. Alts do that to her.

What do they do to you?


Bliss said...

ROFL ! :) I love you!

And I *do* voice now.

You prove I'm not a boy.

:) Alts. Just show up as yourself. I know I'm scarier as Blissie than I'll ever be as an alt. Pffft.

Shout those alts out when you see them. Make 'em uncomfortable..let them KNOW you know they're an alt.


Parker said...

We did have fun Thanksgiving with an ALT. But I am an alt. Very few people know my real me.

Blissie, I love you and your ALT. And I trust your ALTdar. I am lucky if I can figure out my radar.